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Makeup Artist Certification

Makeup Artist Certification

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About Makeup Artist Certification

Enroll in our Makeup Artist Certification course to acquire the essential skills needed for advancement in the dynamic makeup industry. Designed not only for aspiring professional Makeup Artists but also for individuals eager to master their own makeup application, this comprehensive program comprises 70 video lessons. These lessons are meticulously crafted to empower you with the expertise to flawlessly apply makeup akin to a seasoned professional makeup artist.

Why Get Certified?

While not a compulsory requirement, obtaining certification as a makeup artist significantly enhances job opportunities and professional prospects. A certification serves as a testament to your competence, instilling confidence in both clients and hiring managers regarding your expertise and capabilities.

Our comprehensive certification package equips you with everything essential, featuring an extensive online courseware abundant in illustrative examples and expert insights. Typically spanning a duration of 2-4 weeks, the course culminates in an online assessment accessible from your personal device. Upon completion, you'll receive a digital transcript and a physical certificate dispatched to your provided address. Additionally, we swiftly handle numerous employee verification requests annually, ensuring credibility and reliability.

Earning this certification stands as a strategic career move, potentially amplifying your success in the makeup industry.


Module 1: Introduction to Makeup Artistry

  • Overview of the makeup industry and career opportunities
  • Introduction to tools, products, and equipment used in makeup artistry
  • Understanding different makeup styles and trends

Module 2: Skincare and Preparation

  • Basics of skincare and its importance in makeup application
  • Skin analysis and identification of skin types
  • Prepping the skin for makeup application, including cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and priming

Module 3: Foundation and Color Theory

  • Understanding color theory and its application in makeup
  • Foundation matching and application techniques for different skin tones and types
  • Concealing imperfections and achieving flawless base makeup

Module 4: Eye Makeup Techniques

  • Eye anatomy and understanding different eye shapes
  • Eyebrow shaping and grooming
  • Techniques for eyeshadow application, eyeliner, mascara, and false lash application

Module 5: Contouring, Highlighting, and Blush

  • Contouring and highlighting techniques to enhance facial features
  • Proper blush application for various face shapes
  • Creating dimension and balance using shading and highlighting

Module 6: Lip Techniques and Color Application

  • Lip anatomy and lip product selection
  • Techniques for defining lips, creating different lip shapes, and applying lipstick, lip liners, and gloss

Module 7: Specialized Makeup Applications

  • Bridal makeup: Techniques and considerations for bridal looks
  • Editorial and fashion makeup: Understanding creative and avant-garde makeup styles
  • Special effects makeup basics: Introduction to prosthetics, scars, bruises, etc.

Module 8: Client Consultation and Professionalism

  • Communication skills and client consultation techniques
  • Client management, including understanding client needs and expectations
  • Maintaining professionalism and ethics in the makeup artistry business

Module 9: Portfolio Development and Marketing

  • Building a professional makeup portfolio
  • Marketing strategies for freelance makeup artists
  • Establishing an online presence and using social media for promotion

Module 10: Practical Application and Assessments

  • Hands-on practice sessions and demonstrations
  • Assessments and evaluations of practical skills and techniques
  • Final practical exams or projects to showcase learned skills

This curriculum combines theoretical knowledge with hands-on practical training, preparing aspiring makeup artists for various aspects of the industry, from foundational techniques to specialized applications and business skills necessary for success in the field.

Career Prospects for Makeup Artists

There are numerous work opportunities available to a makeup artist. You can work in beauty salons, makeup counters at retail locations, and photography studios, where you are likely to be paid a set hourly wage. You can also start your own makeup business or work freelance and set your own rates.

According to Indeed, makeup artists typically make between $40,000 and $70,000 annually in the United States. How much you earn depends on your location, education, experience, and social media presence and network. It depends also on what kind of makeup artist you are. Movie makeup artists, celebrity makeup artists, special effects makeup artists, and brand makeup artists are among the top earners in the field.

You can increase your earnings and create a special name for yourself by participating in advanced and specialty courses. Continuous education is of particular importance because makeup trends change ever so often, and you would want to stay at the top of your game.

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