Hospitality Manager: Recruiting & Hiring Online Course

Hospitality Manager: Recruiting & Hiring Online Course

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Recruiting and Hiring is the second course in a training suite that provides management-level skills training for hospitality employees. The Hospitality Manager training series will set the stage for a strategy that answers the demand for training materials that:

  • Support lodging managers in building successful teams and running profitable establishments
  • Increase employee engagement and retention through more effective management and increased opportunities for career growth

This course covers topics essential to successful recruiting and hiring, including recruitment marketing, the candidate experience, interviewing, candidate selection and job offers, compensation, orientation, and onboarding.

Effective recruiting and hiring is not only a way to provide a seamless guest experience, it’s also an incredible opportunity to positively influence the culture of an organization. It’s essential for managers to support and understand how the recruitment and hiring processes work.

What sets this course apart:

  • Hospitality focused – centered on the scenarios facing hospitality employees today so that learners can see themselves in the depictions in the course
  • Media-rich, interactive – content is delivered through a variety of experiences (video, animation, interactive questions) that bring real-world hospitality situations into the learning
  • Guided learning – allows learners to explore content and offer multiple opportunities to apply concepts learned
  • Vetted by the industry – manager-level competencies have been developed with the input of key stakeholders and operators to ensure training is relevant and accessible
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