ATCC stands out as a prominent provider of online training for healthcare, Hospitality, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Artificial Intelligence, Energy, Transport and IT certifications.

About Advanced Technical Career College

Advanced Technical Career College ( ATCC} is a career and technical educationinstitution offering short-term education and training needed to equip workers withthe skills and knowledge required to work, operate, innovate, expand, and competein the Healthcare, Artificial  Intelligence, IT, Agriculture, Energy, Manufacturing,Hospitality, Transport & Logistics worldwide workforce market.

Our mission

The mission of Advanced Technical Career College is to eliminate the  skills shortage for employers and businesses in the workforce market  by providing students and workers in a short-period of time theknowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the healthcare, artificial  intelligence, IT, energy, agriculture, manufacturing, transport & logisticsindustries. 


For Employers

For Students 

For Workforce 

Team Members

Employers get opportunities to fill vacancies, upskill staff and create talent pipelines

Students gain access to knowledge, education and new career opportunities through learning-centric coaching that directly supports their career and education goals

Workforce partners get to improve outcomes, build grant funding and strengthen the workforce

Team members gain the opportunity to work in an inclusive, innovative workplace helping our students and partners

Our Vision

At Advanced Technical Career College our vision for the future is onewhere adult learners have the ability to pursue new careers or highereducation without incurring lifelong debt, waste years timein classrooms, while employers are able to create talent pipelines ofskilled and qualified individuals. Ultimately, we aspire to eliminate themismatch between skills possessed by workers and those sought byemployers.

Our Vision Strategy 

To achieve our vision, we  concentrate on providing virtual  classroom  training that is short-term in duration and increasing our coaching andmentoring programs that enhance soft and practical skills for our   students. Additionally, we  expand our collaborations with  employers, workforce   agencies, government entities, and  academic  institutions