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Advanced Technical Career College  offers short-term training for IT, Transport & Logistics, Hospitality and healthcare certifications to get you into a higher paying career fast.

ATCC, in collaboration with over 500 American Job Centers, aims to ensure equitable access to education and career training for all individuals, regardless of their circumstances. As an authorized training provider for federal workforce funds, including unemployment training funds and the Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA) grant, our short-term training programs offer national certifications, empowering individuals to break the cycle of unemployment.


Redesigning  The Way Students Learn & EMPLOYERS HIRE




All-inclusive certification training program that create career opportunity .

We help facilitate training, credentialling, and outcomes for workforce.
Recruit. Place. Train. Create a talent pipeline and a cross-skill employees


Opportunity Starts Here.

We've Helped Over 30,000 Students Gain Credentials for New Careers.
MedCerts high-quality instruction, data-driven approach to support and innovative guided learning is aligned to in-demand careers and creates job search opportunities for our students.

We understand that making the decision to return to school can be challenging. Furthermore, we acknowledge that many online programs lack the necessary support to ensure your success. However, at Advanced Technical Career College, we are committed to supporting every student throughout their entire journey. From assisting you in selecting the program that aligns with your goals to offering job placement support, our aim is to create the most exceptional educational experience possible.

We’re Redesigning eLearning

When it comes to online learning, Advanced Technical Career College stands out from the rest. Our instructional technology offers a robust platform that facilitates the exploration, experiential learning, practice, and comprehensive understanding of concepts and skills. This enables students to successfully reproduce and apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios. Leveraging the 5 Elements of eLearning, which are based on David E. Merrill's principles of Instructional Design, we ensure a well-rounded and diverse learning experience that caters to the needs of every type of learner.

Instructor-Led Online Lectures

No cookie-cutter content here. ATCC programs include lectures from industry subject matter experts recorded in our in-house studio. This foundational knowledge is presented with supporting imagery, 2D/3D graphics, animations, diagrams, and more to visualize the content.

Virtual, Immersive Environments

No cookie-cutter content here. ATCC programs include lectures from industry subject matter experts recorded in our in-house studio. This foundational knowledge is presented with supporting imagery, 2D/3D graphics, animations, diagrams, and more to visualize the content.

Interactive Skills Activities

Take control of the tool, devices, and objects of your trade in a guided, prompted, and process-oriented manner completely virtually. Interactive activities allow you to learn real tasks and practice hands-on, clinical skills repeatedly and safely – building familiarity and comfort


Immersive ecosystems in online education are proven to improve engagement and boost performance, leading to better learning outcomes. But why keep talking about it when we can show you? Our groundbreaking anatomy and physiology course is built using 3D environments and augmented reality and has ~50 simulations across different topics. A mobile app is included in this course allowing learners to explore, interact and engage with the internal structure of the body in 3D.

Leaders in Online Certification

Have your skills certified through the same platform used by Walmart, Google, IKEA, Ericsson, GAP and Amazon.
We deliver over 500,000  online certification tests and online courses annually.


The American industries like healthcare, construction, transport, manufacturing, hospitality, cybersecurity face complex workforce challenges, including talent shortages and increasing demand for services. To meet these demands, employers are increasingly turning towards Registered Apprenticeship as a proven solution for recruiting, training, and retaining world-class talent in good, quality jobs.

Talent Building Options.Employer Partnership Opportunities.

Choose from our three exclusive Employer Partnership options designed to effectively tackle vacancies and establish robust talent pipelines. Gain priority access to our certified students and seize diverse opportunities, such as job placement, train-then-hire programs, externships, apprenticeships, blended learning, and job shadowing.

Customized workforce: Apprenticeships enable employers to cultivate a workforce that is tailored to their unique business requirements. Through apprenticeship programs, employers can bridge the skills gap by nurturing talent that aligns with their company culture, values, and specific job roles.

Partnership BenefitsFill Vacancies, Lower Costs, Pay It Forward

By partnering with ATCC, you can simultaneouslycultivate your talent pipeline and reduce expenses associated with recruitingand hiring. Embrace the opportunity to empower the future generation of  professionals by offering a range of opportunitiesto our diverse student body.

The mission of Advanced Technical Career College is toeliminate the skills shortage for employers and businesses in the workforcemarket by providing students and workers in a short-period of time theknowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the healthcare, artificialintelligence, IT, energy, agriculture, manufacturing, transport & logisticsindustries.

Employer Partners.

Recruit. Place. Train. Upskill.

Develop your talent pipeline and grow your workforce with nationally-recognized training programs from MedCerts.

Over 1,000 state, regional and national organizations have connected with MedCerts to fill open positions with our students. Our talent pipeline solutions range from intern and externships to DoL-approved Healthcare Apprenticeships and direct hires.

Workforce Agency Solutions.

WIOA Funds. Dislocated Workers. Training Grants.

Focused on completions, credentials and placements by providing short-term job skills training and career services. 

We measure success by student training and placement. With approved ETPL status in 30+ states, we operate nationally to get job seekers back into the workforce. Plus we’re an approved DoL Apprenticeship Intermediary. .

National Employer Partner Network

From healthcare and medical to IT and industrial, Advanced Technical Career College  provides online, convenient programs that help you get a better career, faster.

Discuss your future career.

Take the first step and meet with our Education Consultants

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Nicole H.

Mrs.Sandra is a GREAT advisor

My education consultant was Mrs.Sandra and she was a pleasure to talk to and had really good explanations for all my questions. She made me feel comfortable and not anxious. She also was very patient and understanding when it came to timing everything. I left the conversation excited to start my new career journey.

Peter P.

I was given time to think about what I really wanted to do for a career. Peter patiently helped me through all of my options and explained them to me in detail. She scheduled follow up calls to help me make a final decision. The program lets you work on your schedule and that helps when you are working full time.

Kristi E.

Walk me through ever step

Walk me through ever step. Kept me notified when via email, text, and phones calls.(Awesome for my bad memory) called me the minute the funding went through so I could move my start date up. Real great customer service, everyone I dealt with was up-beat, pleasant and just nice to work with. Felt like you where not just number

We Test People

Advanced Technical Career College and Partners test helpcompanies hire the right people… Affordably and efficiently...

ATCC offers the world's most advanced employee testingsolutions that give employers a quick, affordable and efficient means ofassessing employee skills. ATCC is working with hundreds of companies to reducetheir dollar spent on pre-employment and in-house skill assessment.


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